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Why Does My Water Taste Weird?

If your water tastes strange you might have a problem with your water. We can help diagnose your issue.

Whether you're simply thirsty or want fresh, clean water after a hard workout, it's easy to tell something is wrong. Some common causes of changes in your drinking water can come from high concentrations of organic materials in your water system or precipitation moving from the earth to your water supply. When your drinking water no longer tastes refreshing and pure, it's time to test your well water or city water.

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Why Does My Water Taste Sweet?

If you're experiencing a strong sweetness or just a slight sweet water taste, it can be due to a high concentration of calcium or iron in your drinking water. You'll want to test your water's pH levels as imbalanced pH can affect water quality.

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Why does my water taste metallic?

Your tap water having a metallic taste does not necessarily mean it is harmful to you or your household. This is due to metal contents being present in your water supply such as iron, manganese, zinc, and copper affecting your drinking water.

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Why does my water taste bitter?

Two reasons your drinking water could have this unpleasant, bitter taste are increased levels of total dissolved solids, known as TDS, or corroded copper in your water pipes. Total dissolved solids and copper can create stomach pains if there is an abnormally high concentration level. You'll want to get your water tested once you experience any abnormalities like a bitter taste to prevent health issues.

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Why does my water taste musty?

When your tap water tastes musty or moldy instead of clean or fresh, there is an issue. There could be two reasons for that musty taste and moldy water smell: is iron-related bacterial growth in your water system or algae growing in your water supply. Typically, algae affect a water source more so in the springtime due to more frequent algal blooms.

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Why does my water taste like chlorine?

If your drinking water has a chlorine taste, it is usually due to elevated chlorine levels in your water system. Another way to describe the taste is your water tasting like bleach. Chlorine is a chemical added to the majority of the United States' water supply to minimize disease and act as a disinfectant. You will only see a noticeable change when there is a high level in your water.

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Why does my water taste salty?

Your tap water may have a salty taste as a result of chloride ions. That may seem concerning, but you've probably heard of sodium chloride, aka regular table salt. Sodium chloride can be a big culprit of the salty taste in well water and city water, followed by potassium chloride or calcium chloride. These can enter your water supply through seawater or industrial waste. Make sure you pay attention to precipitation in your area as well. Melted snow or rain carries road salt into your local water system.

Below is our specifically selected water testing kits for issues regarding the taste of your water: