National Testing Labs

Rowan Evans, Newark Ohio . . .
I ordered my first Watercheck w/PO from National Testing Laboratories in 1994. Sixteen years and fourteen tests later, I am more convinced than ever that this service plays an important role in the proactive approach I use to assure my healthy household.

Not only is the testing kit I order each year very easy to use and get right (considering it is a process that may only be undertaken once a year by a non-professional), but the turnaround time on the reports has always been timely. On the two occasions when testing results indicated that I needed to apply a speedy fix to my well water system, I received a phone call just one day after my samples arrived at the lab to alert me of the situation.

I have found that my phone inquiries have always been received in a way that leaves me feeling that my business with the company really matters. It feels very much as if whoever is handling my call has a personal interest in making sure that my questions are answered fully and in a way that is neither overly technical nor overly simplistic.

I am looking forward to many more years of partnering with confidence with NTL assuring that I use only clean and healthy water for my family, pets, and garden.