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City-Check Basic


City-Check Basic is an informational water testing kit designed for people whose drinking water comes from municipal water supplies (city water). This water testing package tests for the very basic contaminants which are likely to be present in city water.  This includes 5 metals and minerals including copper and lead; 7 inorganic chemicals including fluoride and nitrates; 4 physical characteristics including pH and hardness and 16 disinfectants and disinfection by-products including chlorine, trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids.  For a complete list of items in this package, please click on the Information Sheet below or review the example test report.

If you are performing testing to meet a regulatory requirements or if you believe your results may be used for litigation purposes, please contact us for more information about testing packages designed for those purposes.

City-Check Basic - Information Sheet

City-Check Basic - Sampling Instructions

City-Check Basic - Example Test Report

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If you have any questions regarding City-Check Basic water testing package or any other water testing services, please feel free to contact one of our Technical Service Representatives at 1-800-458-3330 or 1-800-H2O-TEST for all of your water testing questions.
City Check Water Testing Kit