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Technical Information

Technical Articles
- Technical articles regarding why you should test your drinking water, what to look for in a water testing laboratory, understanding your test results, contaminants and the importance of knowing what is in your well water or city and/or municipal water supply.

Contaminants - Technical information about various contaminants and their potential health risks.

Sampling Instructions - Sample instructions for all Watercheck testing kits.

Sample Test Reports - Sample copies of Watercheck, Watercheck with Pesticide Option, Watercheck 1 & 2, City-Check Basic, City-Check Standard and City-Check Deluxe test reports.  These examples represent what you will see when your test results arrive.

Corrective Action Report - So your test report has some findings?  Review our corrective action report to help guide your way through the maze of possible solutions.

Water Treatment Technologies - Information about various water treatment technologies available today.

FAQs - Questions you may have had but were too afraid to ask?  Check out these questions and answers - they might just answer your question.

Glossary of Terms - Find a word or abbreviation that you weren't quite sure of what it was? Check out this page.