National Testing Labs

National Testing Laboratories, Ltd., has been helping homeowners understand what is in their water for more than 25 years.  We have developed several comprehensive water testing packages that are designed for homeowners on private wells and city water to bring both awareness of different contaminants that drinking water may contain as well as educate homeowners of various solutions that are possible.

Drinking water contamination is a real problem.  Water is often referred to as a "universal solvent" and has the ability to dissolve almost anything it comes in contact with which makes it easily contaminated.  Rock formations and household pipes are two very valid contamination sources.  Not to mention contamination as a result of industrial waste, chemical spills, fertilizer and pesticide applications.  There is an abundance of both natural and man-made contaminants that can be a potential cause for concern about what's in your water.

When you decide to have your water tested and the results come back with detections of contamination - what do you do next?  We have developed a Corrective Action Report designed to provide you with possible solutions to some of your contamination issues.  You can also find additional information about different contaminants by visiting our Contaminants page.

To print or download a copy of the Corrective Action Report, click here.