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These technical articles are an excellent resource for understanding your drinking water and its potential contamination.  Topics include: why test your drinking water, what to look for in a water testing laboratory, what contaminants should be tested and how to interpret your results. 

National Testing Laboratories (NTL) is dedicated to educating our customers on safe drinking water.  Whether you get your drinking water from a city and/or municipal water supply or from a private well, NTL wants to ensure our customers have the information necessary to keep their family safe.

Water Testing:  Why Customers Should be Informed

(Water Quality Products - May 2000)

Is Your Laboratory EPA Certified?

(Worldwide Drilling Resource - September 2005)

NELAC Accreditation
(Worldwide Drilling Resource - October 2005)

Water Test Results
(Worldwide Drilling Resource - November 2005)

Compliance vs. Informational Testing - What Do You Really Need?

(National Drillers Buyers Guide - December 1999)

Is My Water Safe?
(National Drillers Buyers Guide - May 2000)

National Disasters and Your Drinking Water Supply
(Worldwide Drilling Resource - December 2005)

Which Bacteria Do We Test For?
(Worldwide Drilling Resource - October/November 2004)

Understanding Arsenic and Its Removal Method
(Water Technology - September 2002)

Relationship Between pH and Iron
(Worldwide Drilling Resource - January 2005)

Volatile Organic Chemical Health Effects
(Worldwide Drilling Resource - July 2005)

(Worldwide Drilling Resource - April 2005)

Gas Well Drilling Brochure
(Baseline Water Quality Testing associated with Gas Well Drilling - May 2011)

About the Authors:
Marianne Metzger, Business Unit Manager - General Products Group (GPG) and Barbara L. Marteney, Business Unit Manager - Beverage Group at National Testing Laboratories, Ltd. (NTL) corporate headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.

National Testing Laboratories, Ltd. and Environmental Hazards Services (EHS) carry a broad spectrum of certifications and accreditations across the US.   Analysis is available for drinking water, soil, air and industrial hygiene.   They can be reached at 440-449-2525 or 800-458-3330, Fax: 440-449-8585, E-Mail: ntlsales@ntllabs.com

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