National Testing Labs


To test your water for Glyphosate please contact a Technical Service Representative at 1-800-458-3330 or click here to view the product and purchase online.

For those who may not recognize the chemical name Glyphosate, it is the most widely used herbicide on the market today, known as Roundup™. I’m sure many of us have a bottle of this on hand to deal with those pesky weeds in our landscaping. Testing for this compound is done using highly sophisticated equipment, which utilized High Performance Liquid Chromatography, so it can be a costly test to run. NTL is pleased to offer an informational test for glyphosate in drinking water at a reduced price. This test would solely look for glyphosate with a detection level of 0.1 mg/L or parts per million.

If you are performing testing to meet a regulatory requirement or if the results may be used for litigation purposes, please call us for more information about testing packages designed for those purposes.